In The Smart Home, The 'Smart Kitchen' May Be Biggest Opportunity Of All

Over the past year, much of the new product innovation in smart home has been around some well understood areas: security, comfort, and convenience.

While this focus on straightforward use-cases from smart home entrepreneurs makes sense since all can be vastly improved through the application of smart technology, what doesn’t make as much sense is the comparatively little focus from smart home innovators on the kitchen.

I don’t know about you, but the kitchen has always been the central gathering place in any home in which I’ve lived, and while some may think it’s a fad, I think we’re all fairly invested in this thing we call eating.

But it’s more than how central the kitchen is to all of our lives. There are a number of trends that support the fusion of technology and the kitchen, including growing interest in cooking by consumers, the emergence of automated food delivery, and the simple fact that mobile technology has already become indispensable to many of us in the kitchen.

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