Can smart home put your mind to peace?

The future looks promising for the smart industry. A NextMarket report sees the U.S. market growing sixfold from $1.28 billion in 2014 to nearly $7.8 billion in 2019. Smart locks sales alone will grow from $66 million to nearly $1 billion in just five years, the report suggests.

Tech giants are jumping on board with their offering. Apple has announced its HomeKit service, which will allow home owners to control all connected devices in their homes. Google bought Nest, the company behind smart termostats that track users habits to heat or cool the house before they even realize they'd like the temperature to change.

Home automation company Belkin is foreseeing a world where people control everything with one app in their phones. "Most people already use their smartphones as alarm clocks, so now they can start making their coffee before leaving the bed," says Kieran Hannon from Belkin.

The company makes smart light switches, plugs and light bulbs, and has also partnered up with makers of kitchen devices to allow users to put their dinner to cook while on the way home from work.

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