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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sonos Subwoofer...let the party begin!

Sonos SUB

So I just received the Sonos Subwoofer after a long anticipated arrival.  I decided I wanted a subwoofer to add some lows to my kitchen in-ceiling speakers.  Here at Central Coast Audio Visual, we install A LOT of Sonos House Audio Systems throughout Southern California, I figured I better find out if Sonos hit the mark with this. 

Since I'm already a loyal Sonos user, adding the Sub to my existing Sonos Connect Amp that runs the Revel C780 in-ceiling speakers in my Kitchen was a snap.  I also have the perfect nook in my kitchen to house the sub.  It's beautiful but definitely would look a little funky sitting next to your dogs water bowl.  After a painless software update, the SUB was ready to be added to the room.  A few setup test tones helps tune the sub to your room as well as your musical bass preference.

My eagerness to hear how this sub performed brought me straight to Pandora - Tupac - California Love.  Immediately I could hear the highs of my in-ceiling speakers better.  The Sonos magic EQ definitely works.  The SUB sounded excellent.  Not boomy or dull but crisp and precise.  I then went to Eagles - Hotel California.  The sub performed excellent.  I believe that speakers break in after a few serious listening sessions, so I'm sure it will only improve from here.

So the moral of the story is this...  If you enjoy entertaining and like to party in rooms that typically only have in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, this Sub may be for you.  Now it only works with Sonos system's, if you don't have a Sonos house audio system, adding it to your home is typically very easy.  Here at Central Coast Audio Visual, we have a variety of tricks and techniques to installation and wiring to ensure your home is ready to rock.  Please call us today if you are considering a House Audio System and we will show you why Sonos is the only way to go.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why Audio Video Equipment Racks are a Smart Investment

Often times we have clients who wonder why they should use an equipment rack to house their Audio Visual equipment.  A lot of times they feel that existing cabinetry should work fine.  The following are some major reasons / benefits to using a professional equipment rack to house your equipment:
  1. It makes servicing your equipment much much easier.  (ever had that speaker that never worked because everytime you pulled your receiver out of the cabinet the speaker cable came loose?)
  2. It allows the installer to properly route cabling to avoid EMI and other potential cross-talk of cabling.  (ever had a buzz through a speaker and you can't figure out where or why it's happening?)
  3. It allows for proper heat dissipation.  (ever had a cable or satellite box burn out?)
  4. It can be build offsite and transported complete to your site.  (keeps techs out of your home... do you really want to adopt a tech?) 
  5. It can be showcased to make your equipment a fancy display.
Built in Equipment Rack.  Easily Serviceable.

Hidden Audio Video Equipment Rack

Control 4 Equipment Rack - Hidden Hills, CA
Montecito, CA Middle Atlantic Equipment Rack

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Outdoor Audio

Here at Central Coast AV, the majority of our clients have some type of outdoor audio system.  The following are some examples of what we've been installing for clients.

Leading Edge Aviation - Outdoor Sonance Mariner 82 Speakers
Surface Mount Speakers:
Surface mount outdoor speakers are easy way to add to your outdoor entertainment.  We can typically install easily into retrofit applications assuming your home has an attic.  Favorite brands we've been working with are: Current Audio, JBL, and Sonance.

Pro Football Player Residence - Outdoor JBL Control 28 Speakers

Landscape Speakers:
Landscape speakers are the preference when you have a large outdoor space and want to have music throughout.  We typically install a 70volt amplifier that allows us to daisy chain from speaker to speaker to eliminate massive amounts of cabling coming in/out of your home.  Favorite brands we've been working with are: Rockustics, James Loudspeaker, and SoundTube.  We've created outdoor audio systems that can be heard from a mile away.  It's great for party's and definitely an attention getter.
Montecito Private Residence - James Loudspeaker system with 10" buried subwoofer
Montecito Residence - Hidden Soundtube XT850 speakers covering 5 acres

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hidden Television

We often receive inquiries from clients asking how can they hide or mask their TV from being the focal point of their room.  Often times TV's can be concealed within a piece of furniture.  Here at Central Coast AV we will often use TV lifts to raise, lower or slide the TV into and out of view. 

However, with displays often mounted above fireplaces, it sometimes becomes quite tricky.  This is where products from Seura, Hidden TV or Vutec come into play. 

Seura offers exceptional mirrored TV's which keep the TV in plain view but your guests will never know.  Typically framed, Seura utilizes a patented mirror technology to hide your TV when turned off.  When On you get a bright crisp image standard of a typical ugly black bezel LED TV.

If you're an Art buff and want your favorite painting to conceal your TV when not in use then Artscreen by Vutec is the way to go.  ArtScreen transforms a Flat Panel Display into a work of art. Inside a beautiful frame, the artwork ascends or descends with the touch of a remote. When the screen or television is not in use, the digital art-on canvas image of your choosing is displayed within the frame. When your artwork is retracted, the video display is visible for viewing.

Now neither of these products should/would be chosen from the right side of the menu.  These are first class options used to conceal your TV when maintaining the integrity of your interior design is absolutely crucial.  Below are links to a 55" Mirrored TV we installed in a clients home in Hidden Hills, California.
TV Off:

Please contact Central Coast Audio Visual at (805) 669-8885 if you're interested in learning more about concealing your television within your home.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Digital Signage All The Rage

With more and more businesses adopting digital signage as a way to engage customers we are really seeing a shift into a digital world.  Digital signage is a proven way to provide your clients and employees with the latest news, menu items, company performance, and marketing information.  The following are just a few ways Central Coast AV has integrated signage into a broad array of businesses:

Credit Unions/Banks: Have you been to your local bank lately?  Was there a line to wait for the next available teller?  Did you see a screen broadcasting news, stock info and potentially new bank offerings or advice?  Most likely.  This is great way to keep customers at bay and a simple way to subtly tell them more about your services.

Corporate America: We've implemented signage within Fortune 500 businesses for a variety of uses.  In the lobby it's a great way to inform your visitors of business success and achievements.  On the sales floor it's an excellent way to engage competition and list top performers within the business.  And throughout the building it's a great way to keep all employees from entry level to C level up to date on company performance, outlook, and events.

Restaurants: While some people think of digital signage as bright and in your face... not appropriate for an intimate restaurant, we disagree.  Signage in a restaurant is a great way to display changing menus, daily specials, and fantastic photographs of the food you're creating.  Want to sway more of your customers to order the top priced items on the menu?  Display mouth watering pictures of your best dishes.

Credit Union Digital Signage
Central Coast Audio Visual has been installing digital signage from San Diego to San Luis Obispo.  We carry a variety of signage solutions to match your individual needs.  If you're interested in adding some technology to your business, please give us a call.  We cater to projects both large and small.