Why Audio Video Equipment Racks are a Smart Investment

Often times we have clients who wonder why they should use an equipment rack to house their Audio Visual equipment.  A lot of times they feel that existing cabinetry should work fine.  The following are some major reasons / benefits to using a professional equipment rack to house your equipment:
  1. It makes servicing your equipment much much easier.  (ever had that speaker that never worked because everytime you pulled your receiver out of the cabinet the speaker cable came loose?)
  2. It allows the installer to properly route cabling to avoid EMI and other potential cross-talk of cabling.  (ever had a buzz through a speaker and you can't figure out where or why it's happening?)
  3. It allows for proper heat dissipation.  (ever had a cable or satellite box burn out?)
  4. It can be build offsite and transported complete to your site.  (keeps techs out of your home... do you really want to adopt a tech?) 
  5. It can be showcased to make your equipment a fancy display.
Built in Equipment Rack.  Easily Serviceable.

Hidden Audio Video Equipment Rack

Control 4 Equipment Rack - Hidden Hills, CA
Montecito, CA Middle Atlantic Equipment Rack

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