Outdoor Audio

Here at Central Coast AV, the majority of our clients have some type of outdoor audio system.  The following are some examples of what we've been installing for clients.

Leading Edge Aviation - Outdoor Sonance Mariner 82 Speakers
Surface Mount Speakers:
Surface mount outdoor speakers are easy way to add to your outdoor entertainment.  We can typically install easily into retrofit applications assuming your home has an attic.  Favorite brands we've been working with are: Current Audio, JBL, and Sonance.

Pro Football Player Residence - Outdoor JBL Control 28 Speakers

Landscape Speakers:
Landscape speakers are the preference when you have a large outdoor space and want to have music throughout.  We typically install a 70volt amplifier that allows us to daisy chain from speaker to speaker to eliminate massive amounts of cabling coming in/out of your home.  Favorite brands we've been working with are: Rockustics, James Loudspeaker, and SoundTube.  We've created outdoor audio systems that can be heard from a mile away.  It's great for party's and definitely an attention getter.
Montecito Private Residence - James Loudspeaker system with 10" buried subwoofer
Montecito Residence - Hidden Soundtube XT850 speakers covering 5 acres

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