Families benefit from installing Smart Homes

Whether the children are leaving for school or coming home from soccer practice, they’re constantly in and out of the house. There’s a good chance that your children will occasionally forget to lock the door or will lock themselves out.

Smart locks can eliminate these safety risks. For example, Yale Keyless Deadbolt lock enhances the security of your front door and allows you to control your locks remotely from anywhere. Instead of physical keys, each family member is assigned a unique user code. You can add up to 25 user codes, which is a great feature if you regularly have friends or family stay over at your house. You can also enable an automatic re-lock function, which is a great security feature when you have children.

Read more: http://www.nigeriatoday.ng/technology/2016/07/secure-home-automation-systems-for-different-lifestyles/

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