Control4 views Home as gateway for home automation

With Siri integration, which allows the user to turn off their lights, close the blinds, lock the doors, etc., Apple is morphing its virtual assistant into an Alexa Lite of sorts, with its sights set on controlling more of the user’s home.

The move also puts Apple in the company of platforms like Control4 and Crestron who’ve made it their goal to give consumers a single platform where they can control all of their connected devices, the laundry list of which will look awfully familiar to those we mentioned a few lines up. What Apple brings to the table, though, is a platform that is familiar, perhaps simpler, and doesn’t require yet another third-party application to be installed on the user’s device. Not to mention the fact that the app comes from a company with one of the most recognizable names in the world at the moment.

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