Control4 HC-250 Control System Review

I think it’s fair to say that the two biggest players right now in the world of custom home automation are Crestron and Control4. While Crestron still caters primarily to a high-end clientele, Control4 can be more of an everyman’s solution. That’s not to say that the company’s products are cheap or that you can’t assemble a super-high-end, highly complex whole-house control system based on the Control4 platform. It’s just that, for those people with more modest needs and budgets, Control4 can certainly accommodate. If your home theater system has advanced to the point where you’d like to step beyond a standard universal remote control and incorporate some home automation, consider the subject of today’s review: the HC-250, which is Control4′s lowest-priced controller box at $750 plus installation. The HC-250 is designed primarily to be a single-room solution that, when combined with a handheld remote like Control4′s SR-250, is the perfect replacement for a universal remote control but, as you’ll soon see, this Control4 system brings a lot more to the table than just AV control.

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