HDD's Home Theater Gear Guide for Graduates' First Apartments

You're probably in for a nice upgrade in space and privacy, which for us home theater enthusiasts likely means more room for all that fancy HD video and audio gear you've been saving up for. With that said, even a spacious apartment still can't quite grant the home theater freedom that an actual house brings. With potential limitations in mind, we've put together a gear guide filled with budget-conscious and space-conscious A/V equipment that will allow grads to get the most out of their first apartments.

Read more: http://www.highdefdigest.com/news/show/4K/Ultra_HD/Vizio/Onkyo/Dolby/Atmos/Home_Audio/Speakers/Denon/Marantz/Sharp/Samsung/Onkyo/Pioneer/energy-dtsx/hdds-home-theater-gear-guide-for-graduates-first-apartments/23998

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